Jl Audio 10tw3-d4 Review

Hey viewers! How are you guys! Hope you guys are doing well. I am also fine and doing well. In the previous blogs I have explained about subwoofers. I got a good response on that blog. So here I am with a new blog. I published a blog on pioneer subwoofer. On that blog many people asked me about JL subs? Well i know this is not a known subwoofer brand like rockford or pioneer. But in the last few days it's going to the top list fast. So let's discuss its features.

JL audio is a consumer audio product manufacturer company. It mainly manufactures home, car and mobile audio system. JL is known as a pioneer (innovation) of global car music. This company was founded in 1975. Its founders are James Birch and Lucio Proni. Its name JL came from the first letter of both J and L. the first product of this company was the famous home audio system kits. After 2 years of starting in 1977 as the business were to going as expected. That's why they invested in in a retail store named speaker warehouse which was mainly focused on speaker products. After that they had   started making speaker and made the famous subwoofer of the century named kits. After that it never looked back. Now its a well known company and its in the top 5 according to the list.


It is very affordable and its a  budget friendly subwoofer. So it will support your budget and make you happy. This one has great material so you will really like it. Its made of a durable and rigid subwoofer. It's tough and rigid cone assures the quality of good sound and bass and the hardness that will remain the same after a hours of extended play mode. Its cone is surrounded by a rubber which provides more air through it and helps to make a more deep bass. Its cool and deep bass will also make you happy and filter out your boringness in the meantime of driving.


It may make some problem of sewing if you try it to install in a 10 inch enclosure. 

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Jl Audio 10tw3-d4 Review

Jl Audio 10tw3-d4 Review